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Enjoy the benefits of cloud computing (scalability, efficiency, backup) without the loss of privacy and unexpected downtime. Accedeo can deploy virtualized cloud services for computing, storage and networking. Keep your critical data on-site or in your data-center of choice.



As kids, we dreamt of one day becoming elite soldiers and saving the world. We would often cobble together disparate parts we found to build fortresses and bunkers. They were fun while they lasted but never stood the test of time like professional bunkers.

Many healthcare practices and organizations cobble together their own IT systems, not realizing they are committing HIPAA violations. The time and expertise required to keep even the simplest office systems compliant is beyond their expertise or financial ability. It's tedious. Every little detail must be paid attention to all the time. For example, do you know if your router is up-to-date today on all security patches issued last night?


Big Consequences for Small Mistakes

The government has aggressively begun its campaign to crack down on lapses in HIPAA IT security, even just simple overlooks. A community clinic financially settled with the government for $400,000 after it was discovered their firewall was inadvertently turned off and they lacked the proper IT processes to catch and resolve it. Other IT vulnerabilities have resulted in $1 Million Plus settlements.


Weigh The Options

If you're not doing one of the below, you're likely in a hot spot for a HIPAA IT investigation:


Are You In Danger?

The Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act (HIPAA) is full of mandates you may not know you're not complying with. Without intending to, you could be jeopardizing your patients' Private Health Information (PHI), as well as putting yourself at risk for fines and corrective actions from the Federal Government. Take this short quiz and see if you are making some of the most common mistakes among healthcare providers. Just FYI, the legal designations next to each item are the actual code from the HIPAA Omnibus Ruling of 2013.



When Sharing Patient Records, Do You...Via Email VIA Fax

Verify the recipient's identity and qualifications to receive PHI? §164.312(d)

Verify the recipient's identity and qualifications to receive PHI? §164.312(a)(2)(i)
Monitor staff to prevent them sharing login information? §164.308(a)(5)(ii)

Confirm neither fax machine saves copies of transmissions? §164.310(d)(2)
Authenticate messages so no information is altered? §164.312(c)(1)

Sign a HIPAA business agreement with the recipient? §164.308(b)(1)-(b)(4)
Encrypt all messages to prevent interception by a third party? §164.312(e)(2)(ii)

Confirm both machines are accessed only by qualified staff? §164.312(d)



So, Did You Pass?

If you checked every box, there's a good chance your practice is compliant with HIPAA. However, if you missed even one of the questions above, then you failed. Rather than an F, and being grounded for the weekend, you get a HIPAA audit, corrective action and a fine of $10,000 for every individual piece of PHI compromised by your practice. You mean you didn't realize that leaving a patient file sitting in a fax machine in plain view of your cleaning staff would cost you tens of thousands of dollars? We're pretty sure that excuse won't work with a HIPAA auditor.


A Better Idea

Here's our suggestion: skip the headaches and high costs while improving your workflow and bottom line. Accedeo iCore Exchange is the HIPAA-compliant way to send patient records nationwide. It’s built specifically around the protocols mandated by the Federal Government to achieve full transmission compliance, plus it's easy to use and only costs one low fixed rate per user, per month. Check out our Accedeo iCore Exchange page for more information (including a snazzy video) on the ways Accedeo iCore Exchange will make your work faster and your life easier.

Heard all you need to hear already? Call us and get a fast quote for your organization!

1. Hire top-end full-time IT talent to manage your system for you. HIPAA IT is a different animal than other IT, so your personnel will need to be specifically qualified and paid at a higher wage than other good IT professionals. HIPAA IT pros require specific and continual education to stay abreast of evolving threats and regulations. (Most often, your local network-management company won't cut it, unless they do nothing but HIPAA systems. And burdening your office managers with this critical responsibility puts your entire organization at risk.)

2. Flat out, the most affordable, reliable and efficient way to comply with HIPPA IT regulations is to have the expertise and security of Accedeo Networks. We reduce your costs by breaking the cycle of buying desktops and other computer gear on a regular basis. Instead, we get new life out of the machines you already have by moving the heavy lifting to our cloud servers (learn more about how the Accedeo Cloud works).


Freedom Matters

Practices and organizations that use Accedeo's HIPAA IT Cloud services, not only reduce their operating costs but also become free to access their office computer systems from anywhere (any desktop, your tablet or smart phone). Your office goes where you go.

You also become part of the revolutionary Accedeo iCore Exchange that allows you exchange patient records securely with anyone anywhere in the United States.


What's At Stake?

The security of your patient information is at stake, and you're susceptible to harsh government fines. HHS has already issued more than 23,000 corrective actions. As of September 23, 2013 the government began aggressively pursuing HIPAA violations under the specific enforcement authority of The Omnibus Rule. Odds are they have already closed investigations in your state or city.